Join Education Minister Bronwyn Pike for a live Q&A 11:30am Wednesday 19 August.

Education Minister Bronwyn Pike is making herself available on line tomorrow for a live Q & A on the Premier’s website. This is a great opportunity (on the same day as our own Q&A session) to fire in your questions as to why there is still no all-years, open entry High School in Coburg. Please send in a question now or tune in tomorrow at 11.30am tomorrow.


  1. Isnt it rather strange that the Minister gets this done just prior to the HSC Q&A night ? She is nothing short of a joke and continues to demonstrate absolute contempt for the people and children of Coburg. If it was a marginal seat the High School would of been up and running years ago. Shame on the ALP. Regards James from Coburg in Jamieson St.

  2. Social disadvantage. diversity. Why are there no teachers of colour yet one in 5 students come from non english speaking backgrounds.