Population Statistics for Moreland and Coburg

These figures are based on 1996, 2001 & 2006 ABS Australian Bureau of Statistics Census: Moreland (C) - Coburg Statistical Local Area (SLA)

Coburg Statisical Local Area

Primary School Statistics
ABS Coburg SLA data shows that the number of children entering year 7 are as follows;
2007 - 539
2010 - 529 (Maternal Child Forecast)
2018 - 755 (Maternal Child Forecast)

New Projections by “ID Demographics” for Moreland City Council

AreaAge Group20062031Variance% Increase
Coburg suburb12-17yp1509202051133.86%
City of Moreland12-17yo82039343113450% in Coburg alone
Coburg SLA12-17yo3244384960553% of total Moreland increase
Coburg SLA 5-11yo 4026482479866% of total Moreland increase

For Coburg Statistical Local Area (SLA)
This area is equivalent to HSC’s proposed catchment area, minus West Preston (which has the highest number of young people and greatest expected increase in Darebin).

Estimates have been provided by Moreland City Council's research department and the Moreland population forecasts for different service ages can be viewed here . To view the population forecasts for Coburg, go here.

It is important to note that Coburg is the only suburb in Moreland with any significant growth in the youth demographic. Figures clearly show the increase in young people in Coburg will be sustained.

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