School zones

by Darren Saffin

It is time to clear up the issue of school zones that has been muddying the waters recently in the Moreland Leader. Carlo Carli says in his letter to the Moreland Leader that right now different schools are having their pick of students from outside their zones and drawing many local students away (of course because there is no local school). He then talks about parents losing their rights to send their children to other schools if a new Coburg High School was to be built because zones would change.

On the website of the Department of Education is a resource called The Victorian Government Schools Reference Guide. In section 4.1 are the guidelines to what schools children can attend - It in no way, shape or form denies any child the right to apply to attend any school anywhere in Melbourne.

Section says:

A child resident in the neighbourhood area has a right to attend the school if that is the wish of the parents/guardians. If the parents/guardians do not wish the child to attend either the neighbourhood school or the same school being attended by a brother or sister who resides at the same address, they have the right to choose any other school in which space is available.

A new school in Coburg won’t change this fact or affect parent’s rights and will offer another choice for parents. Parents can apply to send their children to any school and the children will be able to attend any school they are accepted into.

End of story.


  1. "they have the right to choose any other school in which space is available."

    Darren let me think which schools are capped - Northcote, Brunswick and Strathmore. Why are they capped because there is more demand than spaces. Once the kids are outside the zone than they can be chosed on curriculum ground and they will choose girls. Leaving all the boys behind just like what happened with Moreland City College.

  2. Although many of our students live in the local area, the school welcomes applications from all families interested in a quality state education for their son or daughter. However, for the past eight years the demand for places at Year 7 has outstripped places available. To manage the demand for places and manage the overall size of the school, DEECD guidelines must be followed in processing the Application for Enrolment forms.
    (Note: These are the same guidelines that apply to other schools with enrolment ceilings - such as Brunswick SC and Princes Hill SC)

    Applications for entry to Northcote High School are processed in the following priority order:

    Students for whom Northcote High School is geographically the closest school (in a straight line measurement, front gate to front gate, or "as the crow flies"). This means the school is the nearest Government secondary school to the permanent place of their parent(s) and/or primary carer(s), being also the residence of the student for the majority of the time when the application for enrolment is made. Proof of residential status may be required*.

    Students who have a brother or sister already attending the school, who reside at the same permanent residential address, and who will be concurrently enrolled in the school in 2009.
    (Please note that the school may not be able to immediately accept late sibling claims)

    Students who seek enrolment on specific curriculum grounds.
    2010 Curriculum Claim form (click here to download)

    Any remaining places will be allocated on the basis of proximity of residence to the school.