Playtime in the park

High School for Coburg would like to thank each of the 300 or so people who attended Playtime in the Park last Sunday. Thank you also to our sponsors and many generous locals who donated their time, musical talents, yummy baking and people power to make it a wonderful, fun day for everyone. 

It was a perfect gloriously sunny autumn day and families sat under shady trees watching the performers with the beautiful back drop of the lake behind the stage. We had Jane McCracken and her adorable children's choir, Ross McLennen, Short Order Schefs, comedienne Justine Sless and the nearly show stealing youth band - Boxty. To add to the all ages effort, the sound crew were Kath and Zach, two students from Essendon Keilor College who did an exceptional job.

playtime in the park

Given that HSC have been unable to identify any mechanism within the Northern Region of the Education Department for assessing or quantifying local education wants and needs, public support of events like Playtime in the Park is crucial. Each person who attended is helping HSC show that our community, which extends from West Preston to Coburg West, needs a state secondary school.

HSC's huge contact list of 1500 and fast growing number of Facebook fans also help to make that message loud and clear. Please join us on Facebook (and encourage your friends to become fans too), subscribe to this website (box on the top right hand side of the site) or sign up for the email list if you want your children to go to a high school in our community rather than having to travel to far flung suburbs. A local high school will benefit our whole community!

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