HSC media wrap up

With the recent announcement of the long awaited taskforce to examine the education needs of Coburg and surrounding communities, our campaign for a high school in Coburg has been in the media quite a bit lately. Just in case you've missed it - here's a quick list of links.

12/04/2010 - Coburg high school D-Day, in the Moreland Leader

13/04/2010 - Coburg 'needs high school' in The Age.

13/04/2010 - Pike announces demographic review into Coburg. This article was in the online Government News,  an Australia independent bi-monthly magazine circulated to all levels of government.

16/04/2010 - What do we want? A high school of our own... The Age, headlining the education section.

There have also been letters to the editor published in both The Age and Moreland Leader. 

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