Lack of Education Week Round up

Thursday 20 May – 8.00am
We protested outside Northern Metropolitan Region office. Our banner looked great attached to the fence and we handed out information packs and earplugs - to illustrate that the department isn’t listening. Although these were received well by many entering the building, management were obviously not pleased and a (very friendly) security guard was in attendance.

Friday 21 May – 9.30am
We planted a field of dreams at Bridges Reserve, Bell Street Coburg. The 100's of cut out kids represent the 1000's of children in the Coburg area needing a local high school. There were about 3,900 chidren aged 5 -9 in our catchment (Coburg SLA plus West Preston) in 2006 so we estimate there are about 4000 high school aged kids now.

Thornbury High kids and their teacher from Channel 31 Class TV also took some footage for a story so we will keep you posted about that.

Saturday 22 May – 10am 
Thanks to all who came up for a chat and a snag - as usual very sad to hear from so many who have moved away from the area due to the lack of an open entry high school in Coburg.

You can see the rest of our Lack of Education Week photos on our flickr page here.

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