A letter to the Premier

This letter was sent to the Premier of Victoria on 08/04/2010. It illustrates many of the issues surrounding our campaign for a general entry, all years high school in Coburg.
Dear John Brumby , 
At Coburg Coles today the lady working the register told me her family had to move away because there is no high school and they couldn't get in to Strathmore - this is a typical story and backs up community campaign group High School for Coburg's survey result of 53% considering moving away. 
HSC note your commendable Liveability Pledge includes as its number one building block- "More government spending on social infrastructure so that no matter where people live in Melbourne they can get to use quality hospitals, schools and other community services". 
We hope this applies to the Coburg area which has 22 primary schools but no open entry government secondary school. As I am sure you are aware -good qaulity local amentity is what makes liveability which in turn stimulates economic investment in an area. 
Mr Brumby, you talk of Melbourne being made up "of unique villages and precincts, each with a character reflecting the aspriations of ..residents ..." this is a nice and accurate portrait of Melbourne but would add that level of opportunity is also reflected -and in the Coburg when you talk scondary education opportunity there ain't much. 
Bronwyn Pike has said "it takes a village to raise a child "
In keeping with the above pledge and government policy at all levels re local schools being better, economic development of community, sustainability, community strengthening, school transition, active transport etc and following the recommendations of the Melbourne's North - the new knowledge economy report and in order to help us raise our children, build this community and prevent it's constant dismantling due to families moving away because there is no high school - This village needs a school. 
Kind Regards 
Catherine Hall

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