Moreland council response to the HSC budget submission

HSC has received a strong and positive letter from Moreland Mayor, Cr Stella Kariofyllidis in response to our Victorian Budget Submission. She congratulates us on our work and notes that we make a "very strong case for the introduction of a year 7 intake at the Coburg Senior High School in 2012 " and asks that we advise council of the response we receive from State Government and keep council informed of our ongoing advocacy in relation to this important issue.

HSC thank Moreland Council for this positive response and note that, to date, the only response we have had from State Government about the budget submission is to say it has been passed on from Treasury to the Minister for Education Hon Bronwyn Pike MP. This is disappointing as we see this issue providing the perfect opportunity for an innovative Whole of Government approach - given that it impacts on Planning, Community, Education, Economy and Environment.

We also received some Moreland Council "front line" feedback. A person working the front desk at council said "High School for Coburg is the biggest issue around" 

Look at what we've lost - School closures and mergers in the Coburg area over the last 18 years

Here is a list of secondary schools closed down or merged in the Coburg area over the past 18 years: 

Moreland City College (below)- closed 31 December 2004 - see Sacrificing Schools the the Numbers Game, The Age 04/08/2004 - the building now houses Coburg Senior High School – which caters to years 10 to 12 only. 

Moreland City College - 1998

Coburg High School (below), see history here, - closed 31 December 1993. The buildings have been demolished and the site has had permit approval for a housing development. 

Coburg High School - 1960

Newlands High School (below)- closed 19 December 1992 -The buildings have been demolished and the site is now part of Pentridge Prison development.Newlands High School being demolished October1996

Coburg Technical School - now Coburg Special Development School .

Hadfield Secondary College – closed on 31 December 1992 - The buildings were demolished and the site is now a retirement village. 

Moreland High School – closed on 31 December 1991 - now Kangan Batman TAFE 

Oak Park Secondary School – closed 31 December 1992 

Moomba Park Secondary College, Glenroy High School, Glenroy Technical School, Hadfield Secondary College and Oak Park Secondary College merged on 1 January 1993 to form Box Forest Secondary College, now Glenroy College. 

Brunswick High School, Brunswick Technical School (below) (see here for some history) and Brunswick East High School merged on 1 January 1993 to form Brunswick Secondary College 

St Joseph’s College – closed 31 Dec 2009.

Brunswick Technical School - Library 1936