2010 state election candidate profiles

by Janet Grigg
When you vote on November 27, how important is the issue of a high school in Coburg for you? I am concerned about climate change, social justice, healthcare, public transport and planning but the education issue has become very personal for us. I wonder whether my daughter and her friends in prep will be able to go to a high school in their community. Or whether they will be scattered amongst the various schools in the region with a little room here and there. I worry that for many kids in Coburg, getting into a state school of their "choice" will depend on how hard their parents can push the system. I want my daughter and her friends and all the other children in Coburg to have the option to go to a local high school. The local high school where many of their classmates go because it's the closest school. And because it's a good school. And because the school's in our community, they'll be able to walk or bike there. Families will be involved too, because the local high school is an extension of the community we already have.
Bronte and Mel
I have gone through websites, facebook pages and other online or readily available public material and collated information for candidates in the seats of Brunswick and Pascoe Vale that refers to the issue of a high school in Coburg. At the bottom of each post are links to where you can find out more about the candidates, their other policies and where relevant, the political party they belong to.

Read all the candidate profiles here.

HSC strongly encourage readers to enter into debate about the issue of a high school in Coburg either by making a comment in the comments section of each post or on our Facebook page. Any debate will be moderated and although we are willing to engage with dissenting views, any offensive content will be removed. We will not publish responses to these profiles from any candidate or party as separate web post unless they or their party issue an official press release referring to the provision of secondary education in or for Coburg. Responses via the comments or Facebook are most welcome.

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