Bill Cawte - Independent Candidate for Brunswick

Bill Cawte is standing as an independent single-issue candidate for Brunswick - "Better Bike Paths Now!"

Bill Cawte

He has stated his support for High School for Coburg on his website 

I would like to offer my wholehearted support to the High School For Coburg Campaign. Moreover, I can do so without in any way compromising my own status as a single-issue active transport candidate. Every time schools are amalgamated new motor traffic is generated, as more students fall outside a 'radius of viability' for walking or cycling to school. This is never taken into account by education bureaucrats, who are primarily answerable only to their budget and not to the broader concerns of local communities.
I was working at Brunswick Secondary College during the time that Moreland City College suffered its long and painful death by a thousand rumours, and our school struggled to accommodate a large cohort of significantly demoralised and undermined kids when Moreland finally closed. 
The deeper one delves into the complex problems that beset modern Australian society, the more one is brought back to the conclusion, that perhaps there is, after all, only one issue, and that by pushing active transport further up the hierarchy of considerations we arrive at better solutions in a broad range of areas, of which physical health and well-being is merely the most obvious.
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