Christine Campbell - MP and candidate for Pascoe Vale

Christine Campbell is the Australian Labour Party candidate and current member for Pascoe Vale.

Christine Campbell

As the local member for Pascoe Vale,  Christine Campbell has worked with the High School for Coburg group since its inception in 2008. A press release dated 4 August 2009, states that she received “An investigation into the need for a 7-12 secondary school in Coburg” which presented a comprehensive investigation based on demographics and parental intentions. The parliamentary intern's report contended that there is such a need based on three main grounds; social, environmental and educational. Christine Campbell said that she had, "written to the Minister for Education asking that in the Expenditure Review Committee discussions, beginning in September and culminating with the May, 2010 budget, there be provision for a Year 7 intake in January 2011 at the current Coburg Senior High School site.”

On 30 November 2009, Christine Campbell issued another press release calling on Minister for Education, Bronwyn Pike, to establish a taskforce to examine all available information regarding the need for a year 7 entry high school in Coburg. She stated, “It’s time for a taskforce, led by an agreed independent person, to review the available demographic data, which is often disputed, and also to examine parent intentions including past practice of moving into zones such as Brunswick, Strathmore or others to access a 7 to 12 high school which meets their needs. The taskforce should include representatives from the High School for Coburg group, local Coburg primary school councils, Moreland Council, me as state member; and departmental representatives from both northern and western regions.”

In April 2010, the taskforce, or more officially, Review of Education needs in Coburg was announced. This was attended by Christine Campbell, Moreland City Council, DEECD representatives, Minister for Education Bronwyn Pike's advisor, Jane Garrett, Kelvin Thomson's representative and members of the High School for Coburg group.

On 20 November 2010 at the HSC candidates conference, Christine Campbell announced that the report into local secondary education needs had acknowledged there will be a shortfall of places for Years 7 to 9 over the coming years and that “The Premier has recognised that we have increasing demand for government schools in the Coburg area. He also said he is conscious of the need to provide more options and more places for Coburg students.” She also said that “Now that the evidence has been acknowledged, the next important step is to consider what is best for the students. To this end, tonight I can announce a taskforce will be established to investigate how to implement the best educational outcome for the children of Coburg and surrounding areas.”

This letter from Minister Pike to ALP candidate for Brunswick, Jane Garrett sums up the current situation.  "the Coburg Education Implementation Taskforce, which is being established to examine the best way to provide more schooling opportunities for secondary school students in Coburg. The taskforce will examine all options to meet Coburg's education needs, such as building a new school, providing new classrooms in existing schools and using existing facilities in more efficient ways."

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