Cyndi Dawes - Greens candidate for Brunswick

Cyndi Dawes is The Greens candidate for the seat of Brunswick - from Brunswick for Brunswick.

Cyndi Dawes

Cyndi Dawes wrote HSC a letter of support in June 2010 stating, "As a candidate for Brunswick, I am happy to put on record my support for a High School for Coburg. The area has not been well served by state  secondary education over the last 10 years and I believe it is imperative that students and their families in Coburg and neighbouring suburbs have access to a quality, general entry local high school."  Following the HSC candidates conference, Cyndi Dawes also signed a pledge committing to the re-instatement of a general entry high school in Coburg which you can see here . In her media release of 05 October 2010  she states "There is a real and pressing need for a school in Coburg. The community has been saying this for some time, but it feels as if no one’s been listening. It’s time to make sure the community’s voice is heard.”

Listen to Cyndi Dawes talk about education in Coburg below.

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