Jane Garrett - Australian Labour Party candidate for Brunswick

Jane Garrett is the Australian Labour Party candidate for the seat of Brunswick - Equality, social justice and tackling climate change. Make it happen.

Jane Garrett

Jane Garrett's state election website states "she wants quality education for all" and that "Labor has always believed every child deserves a quality education no matter where they live. That’s why the Brumby Labor government is rebuilding, renovating or extending government schools across Victoria."  The ALP 2010 Education Policy can be read or downloaded here.

In a photo album on Jane Garrett's Facebook page, under a photo of an advertisment that was published in the Moreland Leader is the following statement, "Labour believes that every child deserves a world class education. That's why we will make a multi million dollar investment to improve and expand Brunswick Secondary College. And why we have set up an implementation taskforce to develop a solution for Coburg's secondary education needs."  On 20 October 2010, John Brumby and Jane Garret pledged to redevelop Brunswick Secondary College

HSC have also been sent a copy of this letter from Minister Pike to Jane Garrett which refers to the Coburg Education Implementaion taskforce.

Find out more about Jane Garrett and the Victorian ALP below:

ALP Victoria http://alpvictoria.com.au/home/
Website http://www.janegarrett.org.au/
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/janegarrett2010
Twitter http://twitter.com/Jane_Garrett/
Youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/janegarrettalp
Email jane@janegarrett.org.au
Phone 9380 9640
Location 175 Sydney Rd Brunswick, Australia, 3056

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