Liberal candidates for Pascoe Vale and Brunswick

Claude Tomisich is the Liberal candidate for Pascoe Vale and Kyle Dadleh is the Liberal Candidate for Brunswick.

Claude TomisichKyle Dadleh

You can see the background for Claude Tomisich here and for Kyle Dadleh here. Neither have mentioned the issue of secondary education provision in Coburg.

The shadow minister for education, Martin Dixon spoke at the HSC candidates conference. He stated that he supports the building of a high school in Coburg. He wrote the following letter of support to HSC on 03 June 2010
Martin Dixon - Letter of Support 03/06/10

Read more about Liberal policies at
Contact Claude Tomisich
Phone 0400 579 688
Mail PO Box 108, Pascoe Vale South,VIC 3044
Contact Kyle Dadleh
Mail 104 Exhibition Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

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HSC encourage readers to enter into debate about the issue of a high school in Coburg either by making a comment in the comments section of each post or on our Facebook page. Any debate will be moderated and although we are willing to engage with dissenting views, any offensive content will be removed. We will not publish responses to these profiles from any candidate or party as separate web post unless they or their party issue an official press release referring to the provision of secondary education in or for Coburg. Responses via the comments or Facebook are most welcome.

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