This community needs a high school – tell us what sort you think is best

HSC is right now involved in a series of meetings with the Department of Education about what a state secondary school in Coburg could look like, where it could be located and how it would meet the needs of the community. We need your help to let them know what sort of school we need for this community. Please fill in our survey and help shape the future of secondary education for Coburg.
real estate board survey
After the Department of Education report last year showed a shortfall in places for students in and around Coburg, HSC believes that there is an imperative to act before it is too late. The issue isn’t political anymore; just a simple matter of doing what is right for people who live here – like you. The Department has written to us outlining their plans for the next year and we need to make sure your voices continue to be heard in the ongoing consultative process and filling in the survey is one way you can do that. 

The survey is here – please lend us five minutes of your time to shape the way local children access local education.

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    If we are going to build a new high school lets make it right from the beginning. Think about the future.