Letter to the Education Minister calls for a beacon school

The following letter was sent to the State Education Minister on 09/09/2011.If you would like to tell Minister Dixon what you think about secondary education in Coburg, write to him at Minister for Education, Martin Dixon, PO Box 4367,Melbourne 3001 or email him martin.dixon@parliament.vic.gov.au or Martin.Dixon@minstaff.vic.gov.au

Dear Minister Dixon
Thank you for your time and interest in planning a High School for Coburg.

We are the parents of two very bright, and well-balanced boys. As educators we understand the importance of secondary education. We also acknowledge the value in having children participate in education in their own community. We want this for our own children. We are left in the unenviable position to look at moving out of our much-loved community to educate our children. We do not want our children to attend an Independent, Religious or Single Sex school. As residents of North Coburg our options are truly limited. Families who are in the same predicament surround us.

The numbers strongly show that a high school is necessary, however we write to you to consider not just establishing a school – but a beacon school. A legacy. Coburg already has a Senior High School that is growing rapidly in reputation, and presenting exciting work to the education community. A High School for Coburg is a real chance to explore the exciting research in the Middle Years. We are passionate as educators that a Middle Years Program be implemented in our area, in a State School.

Buildings are one aspect to a school; we know that there are buildings that could be used now on the current Senior High School Site. But what makes a school truly great is its resources, teaching staff and commitment to the latest pedagogy and educational ideals.

We beg you to give our children not only a local school, but also a school that is exceptional – and this can be achieved in Coburg. The passion from the community demonstrates the strong value this community places on quality education.

Our children deserve, and have the right to quality education.
We look forward to supporting you in this exciting endeavor,

Richard Giles and Emma Cornish-Giles

On behalf of Dexter and Gus


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