HSC Civic Reception

A very big thank you to the Mayor, Cr John Kavanagh and Moreland City Council for hosting the High School for Coburg Civic Reception on the 29th of August. The evening was a wonderful and positive affirmation of the work done by so many towards achieving such a great outcome!

An early highlight  of the Civic Reception was the performance by Sue Johnson's twenty strong community choir, The Trolls. As the story goes their name came about when the choir were practising one evening under the Merri Creek bluestone bridge at Murray Rd - for the excellent acoustics. A cyclist passed by and called out "You should call yourselves the Trolls!".  Most of the members of the choir are local parents of potential Coburg High children and HSC thank them all for volunteering their time and harmonious vocal chords to make the night special.
 The large gathering (reported in the Moreland Leader as 80)  was a broadly  representative mix of our community's rich past, present and future.

Attendees included (in no particular order):

  • The Vice Chancellor of La Trobe University, John Dewar.
  • Many local school principals including from Catholic schools.
  • School council presidents and representatives.
  • High School for Coburg working group and families including parents of the first identified Year 7 student for 2015!
Elected representatives and Council:
  • Our local Federal and State elected representatives - Kelvin Thomson and Christine Campbell.
  • Moreland Mayor Cr John Kavanagh and many other councillors
  • Darebin Councillor Cr Vince Fontana
  • Moreland Council CEO Peter Brown, Director Social Development Andrew Day, Manager Early Years and Social Policy Barry Hahn and several others.
Our history represented:
  • Coburg High Historical Group  member Tom Anderson who told us recently that the centenary of the old Coburg High will be 2016 - that is one year after the new school opens! Such a proud history associated  with this school - we hope the new school is called Coburg High! 
  • Coburg Historical Society  Secretary Cheryl Griffiths who is also an ex-Newlands High student and education historian who has written a piece on the history of Coburg High Schools and has donated school paraphernalia to HSC.
  • Coburg North Secondary College - Parents and Friends member Paula Hyndes who was involved in producing a study on what happened to the children once that school was closed and they relocated to farther away schools.  
 Our future:
  • Local children!
We were looking forward to thanking government and Education Department representatives in person for all the work done and the fantastic decision but unfortunately none attended. This could possibly be explained by the fact that it was State Parliament sitting week and the extensive restructure the DEECD is undergoing.

The mood was very positive and reflected the general community's high level of interest and desire to be part of building the Family-School-Community Partnership with the 7-12 local high school! We are proud and happy to be part of such a community!

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