Short survey : Towards a Coburg High in 2015

In July 2012 Victorian Education Minister Martin Dixon announced that in 2015 Coburg Senior High School will be expanded to a year 7-12 secondary school. High School for Coburg group welcome this decision and thank the community for their wonderful support.

We are pleased there has been such a positive reaction from the community and now seek to gather your early thoughts and ideas.

Please take a moment to fill in this short survey - there are only four questions.
These include an opened ended question about how you would like a 7-12 Coburg High School to be and we ask if and when any of you children may attend the school. To access survey, click on link below.

High School for Coburg group will offer your feedback to any formal consultation process.

We plan to keep the survey open through December but may extend this to first term 2013 depending on feedback level and circumstances.

Thank you for taking an interest.
High School for Coburg working group

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