A workplace of learning for the connected generation

by Janet Grigg

Last Wednesday, there were two tours of Coburg Senior HighSchool (CSHS) for parents of/and students commencing Year 7 from 2015. Both tours were very well attended with about 70 at the 10.00am presentation and over 100 adults and 40 or so children at the 6.00 pm tour. Over 150 parents on a cold rainy day! This should dispel any doubt that there is massive pent up demand for a local Year 7 option!

From the start it was clear that at CSHS, learning is student centred, that teachers get to know their students, and that at CSHS they really love learning. It was also abundantly clear from Don Collins’ manner and words that they actually really like the students too. There was a warmth there that I didn't expect but was very pleased to see.

Here’s a sample of what people said about the tours on the HSC Facebook page.

“I was very impressed with everything that was presented to us. A bit disappointed that there was no tour of the school as part of the tour.”

“I was very impressed too. And wishing they had grade 4 available so I could enrol my daughter next year! I think that their approach to learning will translate really well to the younger years. There might need to be a few tweaks along the way but I got the impression that CSHS would be on to that. Yes, very impressed.”

“Really great launch of sincere consultation process. Don the principal had a lot of time for the parents who were there. They seem legitimately interested in ensuring a positive development and transition to the CJHS intake of 2015. Still some financial battles to fight though, clearly.”

“I was very impressed too. Loved the open plan learning areas and the teaching style connected to this generation of children.”

“They currently offer many foreign languages via distance Ed. Which I have seen work well.
I wasn't expecting much but it came across as a strong school with a clear sense of what it is doing.”

“We felt very positive about the whole process-especially the passion and enthusiasm of teachers, students and parents alike. We would be happy to send Tara there in 2015, Great to see so many children and familiar faces from Child Care and Kinder days...”

“I also was really excited about the innovative teaching methods taking place at the school. I had a couple of concerns, that were probably nothing new - very little chance given to ask questions and I also got the view that the senior school was their "baby" and nothing was going to mess with that. However, it was wonderful to see so many enthusiastic teachers along with parents and students.”

More tours are planned for Coburg Junior High School for early term 3. You can register your interest here. 

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