Coburg Senior High School Forum - 8th of August 2013

Who's going to the Coburg Senior High School Forum on August 8 from 6.00 pm to 7.30 pm?

The CSHS website gives the following information about the forum.
"On August 8 will we holding small table group forums to continue to share the vision for the expansion and to seek feedback from interested members of the community. Registration for the Forum is now open.

This process will ask for each attendee to select a forum topic that most interests them. The choices will include Thinking Oriented Curriculum, Sustainability, Facilities and Community Building.
Once again our students will be on hand to assist along with members of staff and existing parents.
The evening will begin at 6.00 pm with a short presentation en masse, and then break into table groups. The Forum will conclude at 7.30 pm."

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