Tara's story

I am in Grade 5 this year and we live in Coburg North. Next year I will choose my Secondary School. I am really excited about going to Coburg High School which will be accepting Year 7 students from 2015.
I am delighted about having a school which I can walk to and is so close to home. I think it’s cool that I can also ride my bike along the bike track too. I know there will be a few friends going to Coburg High and hopefully lots more might attend from my school but I don’t know yet…  I really hope they will be in my class!
And the big question I ask myself is what will the new High School be like? Well, I am hoping that there will be a huge library because I love reading and I am hoping for big traditional classrooms. I feel more comfortable in an enclosed area. I feel many other Primary students probably feel the same way as we are all  used to them.
Then, the question about teachers - I hope they are nice teachers - inspirational and playful too so learning can be fun.
There are some cool subjects that I am looking forward to like Cooking and all the Arts. I hope I may use some professional equipment to make movies. I love being behind the camera and directing scenes and performances.
I am not particularly keen on using computers all the time in the classroom because I am much faster at writing but least I will have to learn to type faster!  However, I would be delighted  to have my own laptop if possible. I think laptops are faster to download than iPads.
I think it’s fantastic that there is a real Cafeteria at the school as there isn’t one at my Primary School.
The other thing I hope for is that there is a uniform as it will be easier not to choose different clothes every day and nobody can tease anyone about their clothes.



  1. Really bias and not written by a year 5 student! Haha good research into the existing school and subtle way to put down almost everything that makes the existing school special.

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